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Artist Statement

Susie Pollard Art

I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.

Vincent Van Gogh

Though I have education in design and color theory through my photography degree, I do not have a formal fine art education and I am completely self taught in drawing and painting. I began illustrating small characters in gouache on paper first, inspired by the cheerfully goth and wonderful Tim Burton and Edward Gorey and later by Clare Mackie and fashion illustrator Izak Zenou. Whimsy, color, and humor (and long luxurious hair!) factor largely in my illustrations and figurative paintings.


Abstract work is very therapeutic for me and I feel a constant pull toward the combination of colors I see in nature, decor, art, or anywhere really. My abstract work varies with my mood and with style trends. Seeing a striking color blend in nature or in a room (or in art) literally makes me giddy. I try to transfer that giddy-ness when combining my colors on a canvas together. When I begin a painting, the only thing I know for sure is what colors I will use. I work with brushes, paint knives, and random kitchen tools I’ve appropriated for painting.


Most of my abstract work is acrylic on canvas. Some is on repurposed wood, sometimes I paste old book pages in the background, and some have resin coating if I feel that works with the piece. Details on each painting on this site are provided in the gallery section.


I also love to do custom work, so if you have an empty wall or an idea (or if you need help coming up with an idea) I'd love to hear from you. Click here to learn more about requesting a commission.


Thanks for visiting!

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