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"We are so very grateful for your artistry, your passion and, most of all, the love you put into each and every piece of art you create. Funny side note about this became the centerpiece of our living room and it inspired me to completely redecorate the room around the painting. Which is exactly what art should do for you.
               - G.Gray, Happy Owner of Susie Pollard Art, Los Angeles, CA

Commissions are a large part of what I do! It's really fun to collaborate with a client to create something special according to their ideas. Don't be intimidated by the process or about pricing. Here's how it works:

Step 1 - We discuss colors, vibe, size and price. I can work with your budget and we'll go from there. I have created many "manifesting" paintings, using principles of Feng shui, chakras, and chi to draw in love, success, or health. I have painted the Tree of Life, bible verses, and beloved literary or philosophical quotes within an abstract piece. You may simply want to choose colors. It's up to you.

Step 2 - I will describe all details in a contract we both sign. I ask for 50% non-refundable fee before I begin your piece and the remainder before I ship or deliver. I usually finish paintings within 4-6 weeks. If I need more time, I will let you know in advance and specify that on the contract.

Step 3 - I will ask you for some samples of work you found on the internet that you liked or I will provide some that I think represent facets of what you are looking for. Once we've determined why you are drawn to certain pieces, I can plan on capturing colors, shapes, mood, my own style and arrangement for you. 

Step 4 - When I get to a stopping point, I will send you photos or if you are in town, I will have you come see the current painting. You can request 2-3 changes at this time and I will adapt the painting to your specs. (ie more green here, take out that splash of color there, etc)

Step 5 - I will ship for an additional fee or deliver to you in Austin. 

Step 6 - Voilà! Your awesome new Susie Pollard original painting will bring you happiness and good mojo for years to come. 

Click here to contact me with your request!

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