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Susie Pollard and Jenna McCarthy met in high school and became fast friends when they discovered they had the same curfew (whenever o’clock). That was thirty-six years ago, when Jenna could still stay awake past nine-thirty and Susie knew every lyric to every Cure song ever written. Over the ensuing decades, the two have lived in Florida, New York, California, Texas and Paris, France—occasionally at the same time. 

Formally trained in photography, Susie’s art and illustrations have been featured in publications across Europe and the US. When she’s not painting, you’ll probably find her walking her adorable pup Nigel or on stage with her band, Dirty Mercy. Susie sings—and occasionally dreams—in French. 


Jenna is the author of twenty books for children and adults, only some of them profane. Last time she checked (this morning), her two TED talks together had been viewed nearly seven million times. Jenna loves snow skiing, wake surfing, shopping, anything gold, oversized or leopard print, and not having toddlers anymore. 




No 4

The story behind the art...

Recently, serendipity brought Susie and Jenna to Austin at the same time. Jenna needed some art for her new Texas-size house, and Susie was all in. They took Jenna’s idea and mixed in Susie’s talent and both fell head over heels in love with the result, which they christened "Noir et Blanc" for obvious reasons. A few social media posts later, Susie’s phone was blowing up with friends and strangers asking how they could get a "Noir et Blanc" too.

Et voilà! 

A collaboration was born.

Susie finds inspiration in everything from nature to vintage fabrics to a fabulous hair color she spots on the street. When they work, she flings paint everywhere while Jenna follows her around with wet paper towels and a Magic Eraser. (Before starting the Noir et Blanc Collection, Susie did not even know what a Magic Eraser was, bless her heart.) They’re like sisters but they hardly ever fight, and Susie has way better hair. 

It’s true. 

They’re proud to bring you the Noir et Blanc Collection, hopefully the first of many to come. 

The Noir et Blanc Collection combines Jenna’s crisp, modern design aesthetic with Susie’s colorful, textured painting style. Striking in their simplicity and boldness, each painting from The Noir et Blanc Collection is a true collaboration of spirit that adds warmth and depth to any space. Featuring bespoke gilded frames, these large* statement pieces are meant to hang vertically or horizontally, either individually or as a pair for an even more dramatic effect. 

*size per piece including frame is 50 X 62"

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